Best accommodation in Queensland !

best accommodation award

The above accommodation award was received by us after hosting Elisa Detrez, who had the Best Job In The World in a Queensland Tourism campaign in 2013.

After 6 months of travelling, testing and exploring the best activities in Queensland she wrote:
You have been voted   “best accommodation” by Elisa Park Ranger, winner of the Best Job in the World 2013.
You can have a look at  the Best job Awards  below:
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Well done,

Best Job in the World Winner- Queensland Park Ranger
Social media expert / Travel blogger


Tourism awards

best accommodation in queensland

We do not normally seek tourism awards.
Every year we see the same places winning ever more awards and they are usually the big places who can afford to have a staff member spend months on the submissions.
We think it is more important to just spend our time on making the place better and keeping the guests happy and they will spread the word.
Elisa Detrez chose our place to stay in while she was in the Dain 6tree, and after six months of travelling Queensland she sent us this award. To us that means a lot more than seeing the same old places that have spare staff to write the lengthy submissions winning awards year after year because other smaller places simply do not have the money or resources to enter in these awards.
While these awards might have been a good idea once upon a time, after a few years they become a bit meaningless as there are only a limited number of businesses that fit in to these categories so it becomes very repetitive after a while.

Certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor

excellent accommodation by tripadvisor

We were awarded a Certificate Of Excellence by Tripadvisor in 2013 and 2014.
Another award that is not gained by spending money on lengthy submissions applying for an award, it arrived unasked for thanks to many happy guests writing positive reviews about us.