Beaches in the Daintree

beaches on the daintree coast

The Daintree coast is lined with pristine unspoilt beaches, and on this page you will get an introduction to them.
Above you see an aerial shot of Myall Beach just down the street from Rainforest Hideaway B&B, it runs from the cape until the mouth of Myall Creek, and below the creek lies Coconut Beach.

Myall Beach in Cape Tribulation

Myall Beach (pictured above) is straight down the street from Rainforest Hideaway B&B, about a 20 minute walk, or even quicker in the car.

Noah Beach

noah beach

The next beach south is Noah Beach, split in North Noah Beach which has the National Park Campground, and South Noah Beach, which is a little harder to find and is totally unspoilt.
The photo above was taken at the mouth of the creek that separates them.

Thornton Beach
thornton beach

Thornton Beach is the only beach with a cafe where you can have some lunch and/or a drink right by the beach, The little island Struck Rock lies just offshore, and at the south end of this beach lies Cooper Creek where you can join a crocodile cruise.

Cape Tribulation Beach

cape tribulation beach

Cape Tribulation Beach lies on the north side of the cape, and can get a bit busy with all the day trippers that stop here before heading back to the city.
Best to come here early in the morning, or late in the day, or just wander away up the beach where you will soon get away from the crowds.

Emmagen Beach

Emmagen Beach north of Cape Tribulation

Emmagen Beach is a pretty remote little beach about five kilometre north of Cape Tribulation.
It requires a drive on the unsealed road but this is usually in good condition.

The map below shows you where to find the Daintree coast beaches, Emmagen Creek is a little bit off the map, just drive a couple of kilometres north from Cape Trib and you'll find it..

map of the Daintree