Crocodile tours on the Daintree river

Crocodile in the Daintree

Crocodile tours in the Daintree are high on many tourists agenda, as it is an experience to see these awesome ancient reptiles in their wild natural environment.
On the Daintree river Dan Irby, the Mangrove Man, runs morning, afternoon, and sunset tours.
My personal favourite is the sunset tour as you get to see the Daintree river in day light, see the colourful sunset with birds flying to roost and bats flying up for the night;s hunt, and some night time spot lighting, crocodiles can be easier to spot at night as their eyes reflect the light of the spot light.
Mangrove Man Adventures does not focus on crocodiles as many others do, he caters for the serious birdwatchers as well, and is an very knowledgable scientist.

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Another Daintree river tour boat is the Solar Whisper.
With their quiet solar powered electric boat and "croc-cam" to play back events that happened a bit too quick, this crocodile tour has more frequent departures throughout the day than Dan Irby above, so this may be a better choice for those travelling through.

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Crocodile tours in the Daintree on Cooper Creek

Cooper Creek crocodile tours

On Cooper Creek, north of the Daintree river, at the south end of Thornton Beach, there are three crocodile spotting tours per day, usually around 10:30, 11:30 and 14:00 although this may vary with demand and tides.
The tour boat is the only boat permitted in this creek system so the crocodiles know the boat and are not scared off, which makes for easy crocodile spotting.
Especially in winter time when the crocodiles come out of the cold water to bask in the sun crocodiile spotting on this tour is almost guaranteed.
This tour is about 20 minutes drive south of Rainforest Hideaway, your host can phone the tour operator in the morning to arrange seats on this tour.

crocodile tour on cooper creek in the daintree

Another photo of the boat at Cooper Creek, this is a beautiful area so even if you don't get to see a crocodile then you will still enjoy a visit here.