Maps of the way from Cairns to the Daintree

Map from Cairns to the DaintreeMap of the Daintreemap of the Daintree

The Daintree map above should help you along your way from the Daintree river to Rainforest Hideaway and find the attractions along the way.

Map of Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation map

The above map shows you the "town" of Cape Tribulation.
As you can see it is quite a compact layout, within walking distance of Rainforest Hideaway B&B there are places to eat, things to do and Myall Beach is straight down the street. This is also the departure point for the snorkel tours to the Great Barrier Reef.


How to get to the Daintree and Cape Tribulation

directions to get to cape tribulation

The drive up to Cape Tribuation along the Great Barrier Reef Drive is one of spectacular scenery that rivals the Great Ocean Road. From Cairns to Cape Tribulation you get treated to spectacular sea views, tropical remote beaches, resorts, Aboriginal culture, crocodiles, and no less than two World Heritage Areas of coral reefs and ancient rain forests!
To get to Cape Tribulation from Cairns follow Sheridan Street along and continue to drive north along the Cook Highway. If you start from the airport or Port Douglas simply turn right when you get to the highway.
Follow the highway along and pass through Mossman, which will be the last town with all the facilities like post office, banks, supermarket, doctors, hospital etc. before you head in to the jungle.
About 25 km. north of Mossman you will see a sign at a T intersection, indicating to turn right to the Daintree ferry and Cape Tribulation. (If you go straight here you end up in Daintree Village which is the end of the road, a scenic detour but it will not get you to the ferry).
When you have turned right here it is another 5 km. to the Daintree river where you need to purchase a ticket for the ferry crossing.
The local council uses their monopoly position on this ferry to make some extra money and you will be charged $25 for a return fare on this short river crossing, or you can buy a booklet of ten trips for $48 if you expect to do more travelling through here.

North of the Daintree river you will feel like you are in another world, it is recommended that after leaving the ferry you pull over to the left and let the traffic get away, it will be a much more enjoyable drive all by yourself with the windows down than riding in a convoy watching only the bumper bar of the car in front of you.

alexandra lookout on the way to cape tribulation Shortly after the ferry there is the Alexandra Lookout (p[ic above), on a clear day you can see all the way to Port Douglas from here.
Next on the right is the Discovery Centre and the free Jindalba Boardwalk just behind it.
Continue up the road and about 11 km.north of the river you come to the locality of Cow Bay. There is the Cow Bay Hotel on the right, followed by Floravilla on the corner which makes exotic ice creams. On this same corner you can turn right to get down to Cow Bay Beach.
Drive further north along the main road and you will see on your left the Daintree Icecream Company, a popular stop for made exotic fruit ice cream.
Next is the Daintree tea plantation where you can stop to learn a bit about growing tea and also purchase some Daintree tea.
At Turpentine Road you can turn left to go and see the Daintree Insect Museum which has an amazing collection of insects and butterflies from around the world.
Further up the main road you will come to Thornton Beach where there is a licensed cafe right on the beach, and you can do crocodile cruises on Cooper Creek.
Continue and you will get to the Marrdja Boardwalk, which is worth a look, beautiful forest and mangroves.
Noah Beach is next on the right, there is a camping ground here but you can park by the road and walk through to see this spectacular beach.
After this you cross the Noah Range and will see Coconut Beach on the right, a pristine beach where you can walk for miles.
And now it is only a short jump to Cape Tribulation, first you will see the Cape Trib Shop where you can find groceries and alcohol, a cafe, and a beautiful swimming hole in Myall Creek.
A little further up the road is the Dubuji Boardwalk on the right, a mix of rainforest and mangroves to be seen here as well as a massive scrubfowl nest of about ten metres across. This is also the beach access to Myall Beach.
Straight opposite Dubuji Boardwalk is Camelot Close, here you will find Rainforest Hideaway B&B for your accommodation, and the sculpture trail to explore.
Just a hundred metres or so up the main road is the CBD of Cape Tribulation; the Boardwalk Takeaway, PK's backpackers, and the small Friendly Grocer supermarket. Next door to PK's is the Snake House where you can view some pythons.
Now it is only another minute or so drive up the road to turn right in to the car park at Cape Tribulation Beach, with good views of the cape that gave this little town its name.