Daintree Tours

daintree tours

There is a wide choice of tours in the Daintree, and when you stay at Rainforest Hideaway your host will be able to explain all the differences and find the best suited tour for you.
The choice of whether to go jungle surfing, snorkeling, horse riding, sea kayaking, exotic fruit tasting, fourwheeldriving, crocodile spotting, or relaxing on the beach can be overwhelming, but have a chat to your host who knows all the tours and will be happy to make all arrangements for you.
With so many tours and things to do a stay of at least two nights but preferably three is recommended. Most tours do free transfers from Rainforest Hideaway B&B and other Cape Tribulation accommodation but other Daintree accommodation guests staying elsewhere will have to make their own way to Cape Tribulation first.

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Horse riding in the Daintree

Cape Tribulation Horse Rides can take you on a horse riding tour

Cape Tribulation Horse Rides runs horse riding tours several times a day.
The horse ride goes through the Daintree rainforest, crosses several creeks, and continues along Myall Beach.
Free pick ups are offered for this horse riding tour from all Cape Tribulatioon accommodation houses, if you have accommodation elsewhere in the Daintree you will have to make your own way to Cape Tribulation first.
Morning and afternoon there is a horse ride which caters for beginners, intermediate and advanced horse riders (state your horse riding availability at time of booking) and in the middle of the day there is a horse ride strictly for experienced riders only.

Jungle Surfing at Cape Tribulation

jungle surfing  in the daintree

IMost of the time when you are exploring the Daintree rain forest you are looking up at the rain forest canopy, and you might be wondering what goes on up there.
When you go on the canopy tour with Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours you will find out.
During the tour the guides will point out things of interest and you can learn a few things about this amazing ancient eco system. Some days tree kangaroos are seen during the tour.
This would have to be the most excciting way to see the Daintree rain forest!

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Four wheel drive tours up the Bloomfield Track

Bloomfield Falls on a four wheel drive safari

A four wheel drive tour in the Daintree rainforest is an excellent way to see the more out of the way places and leave the crowds behind.
The road is sealed all the way to Cape Tribulation now but after that a four wheel drive vehicle is required to tackle the infamous Bloomfield Track.
Darcy of Daintree does daily four wheel drive tours up the Bloomfield Track; morning and afternoon half day tours up to Bloomfield, and full day four wheel drive tours to historic Cooktown.
Stops are made along the way at creeks, remote beaches, the Bloomfield Falls (pictured above), and on the Cooktown tours the historic Lions Den Pub, the James Cook Museum, Grassy Hill and various other sites of interest around Cooktown, depending on schedules and interest of passengers.

Exotic Fruit Tasting at Cape Tribulation

sea kayaking at cape tribulation in the daintree

Cape Tribulation with its sub tropical high rainfall climate is an excellent place to grow tropical fruits and at the Cape Trib Farm they grow well over a hundred different exotic fruits from all around the world.
Most days at 2PM they run an exotic fruit tasting tour where you can learn about the amazing, delicious, strange and sometimes downright bizarre fruits they grow.
There is a minimum of ten fruits on each tour, depending on season you may be able to try; mangosteen, jackfruit, salak, custard apple, abiu, rambutan, soursop, or if you're lucky the king of all fruits; durian!
After the fruit tasting and learning about them there is a walk around the farm where you can see how they are grown and what permaculture principles are used.
A very interesting tour that will change your perspective on the world of fruit.